​​​​Kingsborough Art Museum             Kingsborough Community College, The City University of New York


Supernatural: Works by Dolores Furtado

[2019, PDF]

Inspiring Images: The Museum Project

[2018, PDF]

Salem Art Works: Inherent Narrative

[2017, PDF]

The State of New York Painting [PDF]

[2017, Michael Walls, Guest Curator]

Daumier's Paris: Caricature and Cultural Trauma in the Age of Haussmann [PDF]

[2016, Jennifer Pride, Guest Curator]

Sui Park: Garden of Humans [2016, PDF]

Drawing the Line: Early Academic Drawings from the Art Students Leagu[2015, PDF]

​[Jillian Russo, Guest Curator]

Jennifer Greenburg: Revising History [2015, PDF]

Ashley Zelinskie: Return to Tomorrow [2015, PDF]

Journeys Through Bookland: Contemporary Illustrators of Children's Literature [PDF]

[2014, Valerie Sokolova, Guest Curator]

Peter Malone: Portraits [2014, PDF]

​Maidens, Moons & Monsters: The Imagined Worlds of Alex Niño [2009, PDF]

Seeing Double: The Art of the Stereoview in Nineteenth-Century America [2008, PDF]